Daily Activities

We run a play based program and what we do is driven by the children. I offer choices to the children and follow their lead for activities.  Below is a daily guideline to how our day will look.


We open at 7:00 A.M and  here we have free play and music and dancing.

Around  9:00 we will have circle time that will introduce our art project, letter, number and color of the week.

9:30 is Learning time and art project

At 10:00 we have snack time followed by brusing our teeth

11:00-12:30 is nap/rest time

1:00 is lunch

2:00 we will head outside. Here the children will have free play and then teacher lead play where we may explore the garden, play with kicking a ball, running and having fun. We will go outside all days, weather permitting, so please make sure that your child has the appropriate clothing for that day.

3:30 is snack time and after we will have a teacher lead activity. Examples are playing with play dough, finger painting, coloring, drawing, and building with blocks or have free play if the children desire. 

5:00 close


*Please note meals time may vary according to the child’s needs. Water is offered all day.

* Infants are feed and have naps according to their needs.