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How this Leo Full Moon could effect your child

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Children's state of happiness is so easily influenced by their environment and to nature that it is no wonder they seem effected by the Full Moon's energy. Knowing how this full moon energy could "pull" your child's emotions could give you just the extra you need to get through this weekends full moon.

This upcoming full moon on 2/5/2023 at 1:28pm EST has the Full moon in Leo. Leo energy is full of drama, entertaining "pay attention to me energy!". This has a full I want attention type pull to it, however, it is a real clever problem solver energy to it also. Your child may even have a light bulb moment and solve something they have been trying to accomplish for a while. They will have the drive and determination to finally "get it right" and will most defiently want to celebrate BIG after they get it! It will be very focued energy, and communication while they are focusing could be short and snippy- this is just the immense concentration they are using to accompish that win.

How you can support this with your child? Don't plan much on Sunday afternoon. Instead let them get distracted and engaged in whatever they choose, don't offer to help unless asked and get ready to celebrate any win that comes from the task!

Teaching children to feel those wins, no matter how small, translates into adulthood and we could all learn to celebrate more. Then grab a cup of tea and sit back and wait- this Leo Full moon may end up a funny story some day!

Happy Full Moon!


Kristina Mullin

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